About me

Hey there!

I’m Shyle, born in Toronto Canada, raised by immigrant parents, with roots all over the world. I currently live in a small town in Southwestern Ontario, and have been working in the tech industry for over 15 years. I am currently the Senior Director of Customer Care at Ting, and am an Integral Certified Coach™.

The path forward isn’t always the easiest, nor is it always straight. Those words have stuck with me, both professionally and personally. Those words have allowed me to grow, and have provided me with insight in situations where I might have otherwise felt stuck. Before entering the workforce I was a professional soccer player. I left early from SUNY, University at Buffalo, and went straight to Europe to live out my soccer dream. But after an unfortunate injury, I had to get unstuck and pivot. When I returned home, I went on to complete my degree in Business Management and make a move into tech. I spent years honing my skills and my craft in customer relationship management, stakeholder management, and DEI. Learning from those around me, and finding out the best methods for me that have allowed me to get to where I am today, all could not be possible without coaching.

I’m a certified coach through Integral Coaching™ Canada, which is a holistic process of deep human transformation and growth widely acknowledged to be the cutting edge of the coaching practice. Through experience, understanding, and learning, I focus on helping individuals and teams cultivate growth through positive and meaningful change, and being integral or inclusive of everything about you is the cornerstone of my coaching philosophy. When we work together no matter the topic, we are always working with your whole self. I’ll design a customized Coaching Program (or session) in response to your expressed capacities, strengths, and goals. This guides all of our work together and provides a place to anchor your (or your team's) growth as you cultivate new perspectives and habits of thought, feeling, and relating. Along the way, we cultivate the systems of accountability and ongoing support that best serve you.

I help to inspire change, and make progress towards your goals. So let's put your focus on growth, and help you get unstuck!

Shyle Braithwaite