Here's how Single Session Coaching works:

60 min Sessions
Sometimes all it takes is one conversation with a coach to get things back on track or to help you get unstuck. In 60 minutes, using the GROW™ model, we can identify what's holding you back and strategize how to make meaningful changes towards achieving long-term goals. Single Session Coaching are those one-off sessions when you want to get some clarity or you need immediate support to achieve your goal. Some examples of things we can cover are:

Brainstorming and identifying plans of action
- This is where we can work together to come up with ideas and a plan of action to get you from point A to point B.

Value clarification and figuring out what your "new way" is
- This is where we’d discuss what value you bring to your role, your team, your business. How you can properly communicate in a way where you’re positively advocating for yourself. 

- We can dedicate this time to sharing best practices, tools of the trade, or coming up with new ideas for you to try in that next meeting, 1:1, or project.

Skill Identification
- How are you ensuring consistently high performance of yourself and your team? Let's talk about what you do in your current role, and what you need to be a consistently high performer.

* Cost: $150/hr