Here's how the Coaching Program works:

60 min Discovery Session
We will explore what your goals are, why it matters, and what is standing in your way.

60 min Offer Session
I will offer you an Integral Coaching™ assessment of your Current Way of approaching your goal, what is serving and limiting you and, introduce a New Way designed to focus and support development in this area.

60 min Developmental Sessions (up to 7)
We will review and explore what is arising for you as you work through your Integral Coaching™ Program and make the connections between what you are experiencing and how to use that information to leverage growth. These will include practices, check-ins, and ongoing support.

60 min Completion Session
This session gives us an opportunity to take in all that you have accomplished during your Integral Coaching™ Program. We will look at how you can maintain the momentum you have generated, on your own, and prepare for potential challenges as you go solo.

* Cost: Starting from $2000 up to $3500 per program